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Birmingham City University is an LPI Approved Academic Partner (LPI-AAP) and within our role we offer the LPI Linux Essentials course to our undergraduate students along with providing Train-the Trainer courses and support for other LPI-AAP’s with resources and program expertise.

If you are an academy and wish to discuss our offerings please contact us on our global email

LPI Linux Essentials course

The purpose of the Linux Essentials Program is to define the basic knowledge required to competantly use a desktop or mobile device using a Linux Operating System. The program will guide and encourage youth (and those new to Linux and Open Source) to understand the place of Linux and Open Source in the context of the broader IT industry.

More details on the course can be found here with the objectives available here.

For those that are Cisco academies this course is broadly in line with the Linux components of the old IT Essentials II course and thus fits very well alongside the current Cisco ITE offerings.

Instructor training courses

The first Train-the-Trainer (T3) course was run here at Birmingham City University in March 2013 and along with other courses they have been well received by the attendees.

PDF Image First UK Linux Essentials Train The Trainer

The Train-the-Trainer courses at Birmingham City University are run with the student courses at a cost of £600 per person.

The dates of courses can be found here.

If you wish to express interest and reserve a place on a course, please contact us on our global email

Student training courses

Course information, costs and registration details can be found here.

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